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we produce ads and organic videos for retail businesses to ​grow their social audience & ROI with our robust creative ​strategy process!

Are you experiencing one or more of ​the following?

  1. Not enough time to create more content or ads
  2. Poor performing assets
  3. Too small of a team to produce the volume of content needed

Then you need the right content partner!

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no video content on IG or TikTok, very little foot traffic.


1000+ views on all videos posted on Instagram and TikTok & an increase in foot traffic



Increase amount of nation-wide ​orders & the engagement on ​social.

Client Testimonial:

“The videos helped us get content going ​and our social channels grow! Video ​content is game changer”

-Sara, owner of Scrumpchies

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Lower quality videos, less views and less consistent appointments booked.


By using hooks & high production video we were able to triple ​the views on videos, which resulted in more booked ​appointments.



Increasing the quality of ​the leads of this Medispa & ​the audience on social.

Client Testimonial:

“Our views tripled when we ​posted your videos! Thank you ​Adrianna!”

-Seema, owner of Nuance ​Medispa

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Lower quality videos.


Creating a full funnel video content strategy where we could attract ​new followers and drive them through the buying journey.



Increasing the consistency ​of posting on social.

Client Testimonial:

“The video shoot was professional and ​timely! The videos are great for our ​Instagram. Thank you Adrianna”

-Mitch, owner of RushCycle Vieux-Port

Paid ads results ​for e-comm

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Our Process


We do creative research so that we understand your ​brand, and find every possible video angle to test.

Week 1

Creative research

Ideation presentation & content brief building for the month

Week 2

We build variations of scripts so that we increase your ​chances of launching a winning creative.

Video scripting

Video shoot {when applicable}

Week 2 & 3

We edit in a way that increases and retains engagement.

Video editing

We revise content as the client sees fit so they are proud ​to use our content.

Week 3 & 4


Week 5

We handling posting of the content to ensure its best ​chance of performing.

Posting (when applicable)

Week 8

We analyze the data and pivot our strategy from there to ​ensure we are working on needle moving content or ads.

Analyzing post performance & scaling

Why Choose Us


creative ​process

We study your brand, competitors and test hooks ​to maximize your results.

We prioritize communication. Between regular ​check-ins, reporting and consistent calls, you’ll ​never be left wondering where we’re at with our ​strategy.



We understand the user buying behaviour. Most ​media agencies don’t understand how to catch ​attention and retain it. Our agency does.


Our systems are refined. From onboarding to our ​strategy, we have systems in place to ensure ​nothing gets left behind.


Hey! I’m Adrianna :)

I discovered my love for short form video ​content production when I started ​messing around with Reels! I turned this ​hobby into a profession. Today, I help ​businesses grow through video content.


How quickly do I get my first batch of content?

Following the first photoshoot or upon reception of the product, you can get your first video as fast as within 7-14 days.

For Instagram Carousels, do I need my own photos?

Nope! We can build original content with stock images.

Do you offer refunds?

We don’t offer refunds, but we do guarantee video content for your socials.

Are packages 3 months minimum to start?

Nope! We only ask for 30 day cancellation notice from your billing renewal date.